erik ojo

i wanted to be justice, love, and the wrath of god all in one.
[ [email protected] ]

✘ erik / he&they / 23 yrs old
✘ genderless trans man
✘ black (nigerian)
✘ neurodivergent / disabled
✘ fictionkin & magical spirituality
✘ illustrator, critic, dangerous mutie, proud transmasc, xmen aficionado, fiction aesthete
✘ nsfw art twitter is @darknesmith
i make video essays

erik lehnsherr (616 + xmcu + etc)ilya kuryakin (2016 film)leonard h. "bones" mccoy (star trek aos + possibly tos)john watson (ritchieverse)
david 8 (alien series)phoenix force / dark phoenix (616 + xmcu + etc?)

doubles - feel free to follow any of the social media linked in my carrd.

feel free to dm me about anything kin-related but keep in mind that i already have multiple canonmates!